Voor meer informatie over dr. Budwig kijk eens op Wikipedia - Johanna Budwig waar in veel talen beschreven staat wie dr. Budwig was en wat zij allemaal heeft gedaan en wat haar visie was op met name de bestrijding van kanker op een niet toxische manier.

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Op de website van Healing Cancer naturally staat heel veel geschreven over dr. Budwig, zoals dit citaat:

Dr. Johanna Budwig’s Major Discovery

In 1952, Dr. Budwig wrote in a paper entitled On Fat Biology V. Paper Chromatography of Blood Lipoids, the Tumour Problem and Fat Research: "It is basically proven that highly unsaturated fatty acids are the heretofore undiscovered decisive factor in respiratory enzyme function", i.e. constitute the second part of the "equation" that nobelist Otto Warburg* had been unable to find. What sounds insignificant to the layman’s ears, is arguably one of the greatest breakthroughs in medicinal science: from that moment onward we have known that the highly unsaturated fatty acid is the decisive factor achieving the desired effect of cellular respiratory stimulation. Working in conjunction with sulfurated amino acids (protein), the highly unsaturated fatty acid plays a part, even the critical part, in the "bridging" taking place between fats and protein, in the absorption AND utilization of oxygen, in all growth processes, in the formation of blood and in many other processes. Working from this theory, Dr. Budwig was able to help a great many cancer patients with the scientific oil-protein diet of flaxoil plus cottage cheese she designed (the "Budwig diet"), which allows cancer cells to start "breathing" again. A few physicians followed in her footsteps, such as Dr. Dan C. Roehm from Florida or Dr. Robert E. Willner (Miami). Based upon her research findings, Dr. Budwig was not only against processed foods and supplements (no pills) but also against chemotherapy, radiation and drugs, and in a less categorical manner, surgery (see interview). And, rare as that may be, she also was aware of the critical importance of sunlight as well as the spiritual, mental and emotional factors in healing cancer and other illness. That said and as hinted at above. Reed more>>>>>>>>

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