Omdat veel zaken die patiënten met blaaskanker ook tegenkomen bij nierkanker toch ook deze website verwijzing op deze pagina over nierkanker.

Blaaskankersite (onze keuze)
Als uw Engels redelijk tot goed is kunt u zeer goed gedocumenteerde en up-to-date informatie vinden op de site
Een site opgezet door een Amerikaanse vrouw die in Amsterdam woont.

De brief waarmee de site zich introduceert.

A cancer diagnosis creates a critical crossroad in life. Fear and ignorance of the options can be terrifying and confusing. Finding answers via the Web can be overwhelming. The goal of Bladder Cancer WebCafé is to help you navigate through the world of bladder cancer information and find the best path on a difficult journey.
The reassurance that you are not alone and a good overview of treatment options can help relieve some of the anxiety that a cancer diagnosis brings. In our community section, you will find two email discussion groups, an online nurse who can respond to questions, an interactive Storyboard for members and visitors, advice for caregivers and first hand experiences, our 'Tales from the Trenches', added to regularly.
For those newly diagnosed, there is a compilation of very helpful information by those who have been there. Treatment options are discussed in detail, for both superficial and invasive bladder cancer. There are comprehensive lists of FAQ's for both conditions.
Also helpful are the bladder cancer survival guides, written by warriors, for warriors, on the subjects of hospital stays, relaxation/visualization, surviving chemo, post-op tips and living with cancer.
The section on chemoprevention addresses our concerns on things like nutrition and alternatives. Furthermore, there is a comprehensive page of resources and recommended reading materials to help you search further.

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