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16 februari 2011: Medscape publiceerde recent een uitgebreid engelstalig studierapport over de nieuwste ontwikkelingen hoe melanomen te behandelen. In dit rapport worden met name nanotechnologische toepassingen, medicijn toediening via liposomen (vetbolletjes) en immuuntherapeutische aanpak met vaccins en besproken. Voor het 9 pagina's grote engelstalige studierapport klik hier. De introductie begint zo:

Engineering Nanomedicines for Improved Melanoma Therapy: Progress and Promises. Di Bei; Jianing Meng; Bi-Botti C Youan Authors and Disclosures Posted: 01/26/2011; Nanomedicine. 2010;5(9):1385-1399. © 2010 Future Medicine Ltd.

Abstract and Introduction:

Abstract Once metastatic, melanoma remains one of the most aggressive and morbid malignancies. Moreover, in past decades, the overall survival for advanced unresectable melanoma exhibited a constancy of poor prognosis. Low response rates and serious adverse effects have been characteristic of standard therapy based on a combination of chemotherapeutic agents or immunotherapy with IL-2. For example, the chemotherapy including dacarbazine, carmustin, cisplatin and tamoxifen is known as 'Dartmouth regimen' while the CVD regimen comprises carmustine, vinblastine and dacarbazine. Thus, there is an urgent and critical need to reformulate these bioactive agents using nanoscience and nanotechnology as alternative strategies. This article overviews current design and evaluation of nanomedicine undertaken to address this unmet medical need. The nanomedicines studied include polymeric nanoparticles, liposomes, polymersomes, dendrimers, cubosomes, niosomes and nanodiamonds. In this preclinical article, nanotechnology provides hope for effective treatment of this aggressive and largely treatment-resistant disease.

Introduction Melanoma (Figure 1), a malignant tumor that claims the majority of deaths in human skin cancer, is one of the most common cancers in adults. Each year, more than 60,000 people in the USA learn that they have melanoma.[1] Approximately 132,000 cases of malignant melanoma (the most fatal kind of skin cancer) and over 2 million cases of other skin cancers occur worldwide each year. One in every three cancers diagnosed worldwide is a skin cancer.[2] Melanoma is rising at a rate faster than that of all preventable cancers, except lung cancer, in the USA.[3] Read more>>>>>>

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