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Oktober 2002: Bron: Journal of Clinical Oncology

Ter aanvulling op een eerder studieresultaat dat geestelijke weerbaarheid al of niet effect zou hebben bij kankerpatiënten is ook deze studie een aardige aanvulling. Een studie aan de universiteit van Kansas in Lawrence onder 60 borstkankerpatiënten heeft uitgewezen dat het bijhouden van een dagboek een positief effect heeft op de kwaliteit van leven in vergelijking met patiënten die geen dagboek bijhouden. Onze site biedt aan OPS-leden gratis een mailgroep aan voor mensen met kanker en hun naasten. Inmiddels zijn er ca. 80 leden. O.i. helpt ook lotgenotencontact via een mailgroep in het beter omgaan met ziekte en in dit geval met kanker. Zie hieronder het persbericht van Reuters Health van de studie over het bijhouden van een dagboek die gepubliceerd is in the Journal of Clinical Oncology d.d. 15 oktober 2002. Source: Journal of Clinical Oncology 2002;20:4160-4168.

Keeping Diary May Help Breast Cancer Patients
Reuters Health

Friday, November 22, 2002

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Keeping a diary of thoughts and feelings may not only help breast cancer patients' emotional health, it could have an impact on physical health as well, according to recent study findings.

In a study in which patients were randomly assigned to write down their feelings or a simple list of facts, diary keepers were less likely to report treatment symptoms or have doctor's visits related to such symptoms than patients who simply documented their breast cancer experience.

It's not clear why the type of writing a patient does would effect her use of medical care. However, those engaged in "expressive writing" may make better use of their scheduled appointments or taken more actions to address medical concerns, according to Dr. Annette L. Stanton of the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas and her colleagues.

Their study involved 60 women with early-stage breast cancer who had just undergone surgery, chemotherapy or some other treatment for the disease. The patients were told to either record "their deepest thoughts and feelings" or their "positive thoughts and feelings" regarding the experience. A third group of women was told to keep a record of basic facts relating to their breast cancer experience.

Three months later, the researchers found that patients who recorded their feelings reported less coughing, sore throat and other physical symptoms and had fewer unscheduled medical appointments for cancer-related illnesses than other patients. The findings are published in the October 15th issue of the Journal of Clinical Oncology.

Women who recorded only their positive feelings had fewer symptoms and appointments than those who listed only the facts, but more symptoms than women who recorded the full range of their emotions.

Recording only positive thoughts seemed to be helpful for women who had a certain coping style, including those who said they "refuse to believe that it has happened" and that they "sleep more than usual to think about it less," the report indicates.

Women who did not use that coping style found it more useful to write about their overall thoughts and feelings, according to the report.

"Certainly, asking women to explore their deepest thoughts and feelings regarding cancer may be threatening when they have devoted considerable effort to avoiding just those experiences," Stanton and colleagues write. "In contrast, women low in avoidance may...(use) their already developed skills to process and express the full range of emotions effectively."

SOURCE: Journal of Clinical Oncology 2002;20:4160-4168.

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