4 augustus 2011: op wikipedia staat meer over artemisinine, een middel dat ook succesvol wordt ingezet tgegen malaria.

21 december 2004: Bron:

Onderzoekers beweren op de website van Artemisinin dat zij hebben ontdekt dat zij een chemische variant van Artemisinin hebben geproduceerd met een 34.000 keer grotere kracht in het doden van tumorcellen. Vooral transferrin, een ijzerdragend eiwit in het bloed, speelt hierin een bepalende rol, aldus de onderzoekers. Wel de kanttekening dat deze studie gepubliceerd wordt op de website van Artemisinin zelf en zij er dus alle belang bij hebben dat er positief nieuws over artemisinin naar buiten komt. Desalniettemin toch hier geplaatst.

Anti-cancer phytochemicals in wormwood herb found to make transferrin 34,000 times more powerful at destroying cancer cells A group of promising cancer-fighting compounds derived from a substance used in ancient Chinese medicine will be developed for potential use in humans, the University of Washington announced today. The UW TechTransfer Office has signed a licensing agreement with Chongqing Holley Holdings, a Chinese company, and Holley Pharmaceuticals, its U.S. subsidiary. The compounds, all developed through the research of UW scientists Henry Lai and Narendra Singh of the Department of Bioengineering and Tomikazu Sasaki of the Department of Chemistry, make use of a substance known as artemisinin, found in the wormwood plant and used throughout Asia since ancient times to treat malaria. Although the compounds are promising, potential medical applications are still years away, officials say. "We are very excited about the UW's discovery and an opportunity to develop an artemisinin-based cancer drug," Kevin Mak, chief scientist at Holley, said. The chemical helps control malaria because it reacts with the high iron concentrations found in the single-cell malaria parasite. The free radicals attack the cell membrane and other molecules, breaking it apart and killing the parasite. "Cancer cells need a lot of iron to replicate DNA when they divide," Lai explained. Perhaps the most promising of the methods licensed involves the use of transferrin, to which the researchers bind artemisinin at the molecular level. Transferrin is an iron-carrying protein found in blood, and is transported into cells via transferrin receptors on a cell's surface. Iron-hungry cancer cells typically have significantly more transferrin receptors on their surface than normal cells, which allows them to take in more of the iron-carrying protein. "Our research in the lab indicated that the artemisinin-tagged transferrin was 34,000 times more effective in selecting and killing the cancer cells than normal cells," Lai said.

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  • Bob Bockstart :
    My wife 72 yrs spread lung cancer in both lungs. It started with w tiny spot in the middle lobe, which was with 5x radiation therapy treated successfully. The in 5 months came back as adeno carrinoma behind the breast bone and 2 little spots in the lungs. These have after 6 months increased in size and 3 others came to it.
    Where can we get the Transferrin and the dosis she has to take. her weight is 66 kg
    Can any one assist.
    Bob Bockstart
    NL 2241RV Wassenaar/ The Netherlands tel:+31705177257

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