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3 november 2011: Bron: FDA

De FDA heeft per direct goedkeuring gegeven aan de melafind, een apparaatje dat via infrarood licht een betrouwbare diagnose stelt bij verdenking van melanomen. De officiele goedkeuring kunt u lezen als u hier klikt en een PDF file te zien krijgt 

De goedkeuring is gebaseerd op met name de volgende studie. Hier het abstract van de studie maar het volledige studieverslag met videopresentatie van hoe een en ander in zijn werk gaat kunt u gratis inzien als u hier klikt.

Quantitative visualization and detection of skin cancer using dynamic thermal imaging

J Vis Exp. 2011 May 5;(51). pii: 2679. doi: 10.3791/2679.

Quantitative visualization and detection of skin cancer using dynamic thermal imaging.


Department of Mechanical Engineering, The Johns Hopkins University, USA. cherman@jhu.edu


In 2010 approximately 68,720 melanomas will be diagnosed in the US alone, with around 8,650 resulting in death. To date, the only effective treatment for melanoma remains surgical excision, therefore, the key to extended survival is early detection. Considering the large numbers of patients diagnosed every year and the limitations in accessing specialized care quickly, the development of objective in vivo diagnostic instruments to aid the diagnosis is essential. New techniques to detect skin cancer, especially non-invasive diagnostic tools, are being explored in numerous laboratories. Along with the surgical methods, techniques such as digital photography, dermoscopy, multispectral imaging systems (MelaFind), laser-based systems (confocal scanning laser microscopy, laser doppler perfusion imaging, optical coherence tomography), ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging, are being tested. Each technique offers unique advantages and disadvantages, many of which pose a compromise between effectiveness and accuracy versus ease of use and cost considerations. Details about these techniques and comparisons are available in the literature. Infrared (IR) imaging was shown to be a useful method to diagnose the signs of certain diseases by measuring the local skin temperature. There is a large body of evidence showing that disease or deviation from normal functioning are accompanied by changes of the temperature of the body, which again affect the temperature of the skin. Accurate data about the temperature of the human body and skin can provide a wealth of information on the processes responsible for heat generation and thermoregulation, in particular the deviation from normal conditions, often caused by disease. However, IR imaging has not been widely recognized in medicine due to the premature use of the technology several decades ago, when temperature measurement accuracy and the spatial resolution were inadequate and sophisticated image processing tools were unavailable. This situation changed dramatically in the late 1990s-2000s. Advances in IR instrumentation, implementation of digital image processing algorithms and dynamic IR imaging, which enables scientists to analyze not only the spatial, but also the temporal thermal behavior of the skin, allowed breakthroughs in the field. In our research, we explore the feasibility of IR imaging, combined with theoretical and experimental studies, as a cost effective, non-invasive, in vivo optical measurement technique for tumor detection, with emphasis on the screening and early detection of melanoma. In this study, we show data obtained in a patient study in which patients that possess a pigmented lesion with a clinical indication for biopsy are selected for imaging. We compared the difference in thermal responses between healthy and malignant tissue and compared our data with biopsy results. We concluded that the increased metabolic activity of the melanoma lesion can be detected by dynamic infrared imaging.

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PMCID: PMC3197108

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