15 december 2003: Bron: Int J Cancer 2003;107:486-492..

Het effect van fentanyl (durogesic) pleisters in vergelijking met (orale) morfine preparaten, die werden geslikt geven op langere termijn significant (p < 0.001) betere resultaten in het pijnstillende effect bij kankerpatiënten, aldus Griekse onderzoekers aan de universiteit van Athene.
Ook hadden de patiënten minder last van bijwerkingen. 90% van de deelnemende patiënten was tevreden over de pijnstillende pleisters. Overigens is intraveneus toedienen van vitamine C (IAA) ook pijnstillend en wellicht zelfs kankerremmend. Met dank aan een van onze mailgroepleden die ons dit onderstaande bericht toestuurde, waarvoor dank uiteraard.

Hieronder het Engelse persbericht van Reuters over de studie gepubliceerd d.d. 5 december 2003 in Int J Cancer 2003;107:486-492..

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) Dec 05 - The transdermal therapeutic system-
fentanyl (TTS-F) is a safe and effective long-term analgesic option
for moderate to severe cancer pain, both in patients who have
previously been given oral morphine and those who have not, according
to results of a study conducted in Greece.

Dr. Kyriaki Mystakidou and colleagues from the University of Athens,
assessed the safety and efficacy of TTS-F in the long-term control of
cancer pain, measured on a 0-10 visual analogue scale (VAS), in 268
opioid- nave patients (group A) and 321 patients transferring from
morphine (group B).

The researchers assessed overall treatment satisfaction on a 4-point
scale. In addition, they recorded quality of life (QOL) end ECOG

The team reports in the November 10th issue of the International
Journal of Cancer that 47 patients withdrew from treatment because of
inadequate pain relief, including 31 patients in group A and 16 in
group B. Twelve patients (two in group A and 10 in group B) withdrew
for personal reasons. No withdrawals were reported as a result of
side effects, and no grade 3 or 4 adverse events occurred.

The investigators found that 530 (90%) patients were satisfied with
their pain relief.

"Analysis of patients at baseline, 28 days, 6 and 12 month time
points (n =153 group A; n = 214 group B) with respect to QOL and pain
measures indicated a statistically significant (p < 0.001)
improvement in all measures across time independent of pain type, or
any other patient characteristic(s)," Dr. Mystakidou and colleagues

They recommend that TTS-F be considered "as a first line analgesic
approach for carefully selected and monitored patients experiencing
moderate to severe cancer pain."

Int J Cancer 2003;107:486-492.

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