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Dr. Sumanta Pal, hoofdredacteur van het PracticeUpdate Center of Excellence niercelcarcinoom, beveelt de volgende abstracten aan die zijn gepresenteerd op het ASCO Genitourinary Symposium op 13-15 februari 2020 in San Francisco.

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Saturday, February 15, 2020; 7:00 AM–7:55 AM
Poster Session C: Renal Cell Cancer

645 Progression-free survival (PFS) and overall survival (OS) across ethnicities for patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma (mRCC) receiving targeted therapies (TT) as first-line (1L) treatment. N Salgia, Nazli Dizman, PG Bergerot, et al

Conclusions:The lack of a statistically significant difference in both PFS and OS across ethnic groups is a promising assessment for the current landscape of health disparities in mRCC. As these data are distinct from recent findings identifying disparities in other malignancies (e.g., prostate cancer), multicenter collaborations should be encouraged to validate these findings.

699 Nivolumab in metastatic nonclear cell renal cell carcinoma: First results of the AcSe prospective study. L Albiges, D Pouessel, M Beylot-Barry, et al

Conclusions:We report the first prospective study of N single agent in non-clear cell RCC. N demonstrates limited activity in a pretreated and heterogeneous non- clear cell RCC population. Interestingly 1/4 CDC developed PR while no response was noted in chromophobe RCC. Clinical trial information: NCT03012581

721 Clinical correlation of circulating tumor cell (CTC) PD-L1 and HLA I expression in metastatic renal cell carcinoma (mRCC) using exclusion-based sample preparation technology. H Emamekhoo, JL Schehr, RM Bade, et al

Conclusions:Assessment of CTC heterogeneity may provide valuable molecular insights and diversify tools for early detection of therapeutic response and resistance that may guide treatment decision making. This assay is being tested in ongoing Phase II clinical trials.

731 Longitudinal multiplex cytokine analysis for patients (pts) with metastatic renal cell carcinoma (mRCC) treated with ipilimumab/nivolumab (I+N). T Zhang, Y Wu, A Agarwal, et al

Conclusions:In this pilot exploratory analysis, a subset of ILs are higher at baseline in DC than PD pts. A wk-4 increase in circulating IFN-g is associated with DC vs PD and could be linked to increased early inflammation and response to I+N. Larger prospective studies are needed to validate these findings.

Saturday, February 15, 2020; 7:00 AM–7:55 AM
Trials in Progress Poster Session C: Renal Cell Cancer

TPS760 PDIGREE: An adaptive phase III trial of PD-inhibitor nivolumab and ipilimumab (IPI-NIVO) with VEGF TKI cabozantinib (CABO) in metastatic untreated renal cell cancer (Alliance A031704). T Zhang, KV Ballman, AD Choudhury, et al

Clinical trial information: NCT03793166

TPS764 A phase I trial to assess the biologic effect of CBM588 (Clostridium butyricum) in combination with nivolumab plus ipilimumab (nivo/ipi) in patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma (mRCC). PG Bergerot, N Dizman, N Ruel, et al

Clinical trial information: NCT03829111

TPS767 A phase III study (COSMIC-313) of cabozantinib (C) in combination with nivolumab (N) and ipilimumab (I) in patients (pts) with previously untreated advanced renal cell carcinoma (aRCC) of intermediate or poor risk. TK Choueiri, L Albiges, T Powles, et al

Clinical trial information: NCT03937219

Saturday, February 15, 2020; 7:55 AM–9:30 AM
Oral Abstract Session C: Renal Cell Cancer 

611 Phase I/II study of the oral HIF-2 α inhibitor MK-6482 in patients with advanced clear cell renal cell carcinoma (RCC). TK Choueiri, ER Plimack, TM Bauer, et al

Conclusions:MK-6482 is well tolerated with a favorable safety profile and demonstrated promising single-agent activity in heavily pretreated pts with ccRCC across IMDC risk groups. A phase 3 trial in a similar population is planned. Clinical trial information: NCT02974738

612 A phase I/II trial of sitravatinib (sitra) combined with nivolumab (nivo) in patients (pts) with advanced clear cell renal cell cancer (aCCRCC) that progressed on prior VEGF-targeted therapy. P Msaouel, PF Thall, Y Yuan, et al

Conclusions:The combination of sitra + nivo has not demonstrated unexpected safety signals and produces higher objective responses and longer disease control compared with what is historically expected with nivo alone in pts with aCCRCC that progressed on prior VEGF-targeted therapy. Clinical trial information: NCT03015740

614 Combination of dual immune checkpoint inhibition (ICI) with stereotactic radiation (SBRT) in metastatic renal cell carcinoma (mRCC) (RADVAX RCC). HJ Hammers, D Vonmerveldt, C Ahn, et al

Saturday, February 15, 2020; 10:00 AM–11:30 AM

General Session: How to Optimize First-Line Systemic Therapy Selection in the Treatment of Renal Cell Carcinoma

609 Overall survival and independent review of response in CheckMate 214 with 42-month follow-up: First-line nivolumab + ipilimumab (N+I) versus sunitinib (S) in patients (pts) with advanced renal cell carcinoma (aRCC). NM Tannir, DF McDermott, B Escudier, et al

Conclusions:Superior OS and ORR with N+I v S was maintained in ITT and IP pts. More pts treated with N+I experienced CR compared with S, responses and CRs were durable, and PFS probabilities stabilized with N+I after extended follow-up. No new safety signals emerged. Clinical trial information: NCT02231749.

Saturday, February 15, 2020; 11:35 AM–12:30 PM
Rapid Abstract Session C: Renal Cell Cancer

616 Prevalence and landscape of actionable genomic alterations in renal cell carcinoma. K Attalla, RG DiNatale, E Reznik, et al

Conclusions:Although the prevalence of actionable mutations in RCC seems to have doubled in recent years, the role of genetic testing in identifying candidates for targeted therapy in RCC is currently limited relative to other cancer types, emphasizing the need for additional research in this area to further inform targeted therapy decisions.

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