At this page we give usefull adresses from clinics and organisations abroad. Usefull adresses in the Netherlands you can find at the page 'nuttige adressen' , written in Dutch though. Some adresses at this page are also in the Netherlands but also described in english.

Organisations which give information and support for cancerpatients in the USA:
American Cancer Society
Association of Cancer Online Research
NCI's CancerNet Cancer Information
Websites with researchinformation in the field of cancer:
Medline / Pubmed
Association of Independent Research Institutes
World Cancer Research Fund - AICR
National Center for Biotechnology Information
National Institute of Health (NIH)
The Scripps Research Institute
Institutes and clinics which work with complementary approaches or specialised programs of treating cancer:
The Parker Hughes Cancer Center:
Healthline provides a comprehensive overview of thousands of health conditions for
individuals and/or their loved ones and offers a variety of free educational tools: Healthline:
Healthline is HON certified and all information has been reviewed for medical accuracy by an MD.

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