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We zullen dit onderstaande studieabstract later vertalen. Voor OPS-leden is onderzoeksrapport van Dr. Gonzalez met zijn enzymentherapie bij alvleesklierkankerpatiënten ter inzage onder alvleesklierkanker

A study published in the journal Pancreas suggests the effectiveness of pancreatic enzymes against cancer in mice. This form of nutritional cancer therapy has been used by Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D. in his medical practice in New York City. Gonzalez is one of the authors of the study, "Pancreatic Enzyme Extract Improves Survival in Murine Pancreatic Cancer" (Pancreas. 2004 May;28(4):401-12).

The study found that mice treated with pancreatic enzymes survived significantly longer than the control group. Tumors growth in the enzyme-treated group was significantly slowed compared to the control group.
In addition, while all mice in the control group showed the conditions steatorrhea, high glucose in the urine, high levels of bilirubin, and ketones in the urine at the early stages of tumor growth, only a few in the treated group showed some of these abnormalities at the final stage.

Five years ago, a pilot study of human cancer patients treated by Gonzalez and his associate was published in in the journal Nutrition and Cancer. From there, Gonzalez received a $1.4 million federal grant for a Phase III prospective clinical trial of people with pancreatic cancer. This multi-year study is ongoing.
This enzyme-based cancer treatment has been written about for nearly a century. In an article that appeared in the British Medical Journal in 1906, embyologist John Beard wrote that pancreatic enzymes are one of the body's defenses against cancer and would be useful as a cancer treatment. He later wrote a book entitled The Enzyme Treatment of Cancer A dentist names William Donald Kelley later expanded on this treatment.

The results of this study are promising because pancreatic cancer is difficult to treat and has a high mortality rate, due to difficulties in diagnosis, the aggressive nature of pancreatic cancer, and the few treatment options

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